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3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Social Listening

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Social media should be a major component of any small business marketing strategy.  Whether it is through content creation or paid advertising, few tools will be more cost-effective.  It can engage potential customers, get the world out about your product, and drive valuable traffic to your website. 


How Online Marketing and SEO Really Works


Get Yourself on the First Page of Google! Sound familiar?  How many emails or calls do you get about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that will get you on the first page of Google?  You know they're probably spam, but they just nag at you and make you wonder if it is possible.


3 Ways You Can Benefit from Social Media Contests

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Social media is a fantastic tool to connect with customers.  Posting compelling content and interacting with people’s responses gives you the ability to build social proof and enable people to know, like, and trust your company.  A powerful, but underutilized tool in this area is the contest.  Companies should look at using contests to get people energized, engage, and ready to share your content.  Here are three ways contests will help enhance your social media following:


When Should You Post on Social Media?

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People ask all the time about when they should post content to social media.  This is a tricky question, and honestly, I wish my answer was something other than "it depends."  People put content together so potential customers can see it, so it makes sense that they want to guarantee the right eyes are seeing it.  Just as television and radio advertisers pay more to have their content displayed in primetime, companies using social media do everything they can to make sure that their content is published at the right time of day.


Changescape Web Adds Inbound Marketing Certification


Changescape Web is happy to announce that Ben Chambers has completed Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing program and is officially an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional.  The program involves an in-depth training process followed by a certification exam.


Social Media Updates and Ads St. Charles Chamber Presentation

Facebook gets a Facelift!  And so does Twitter and LinkedIn.  The St. Charles Chamber of Commerce invited us to discuss these changes, and we were happy to help the local businesses begin navigating the changes.

Learn what the latest changes are from the big 3 of social media, why these changes have been made, and whether they are good for your business.
This presentation also discuss advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and why you might want to consider these three social media platforms for cost effective and accountable advertising.  Growing a business is difficult, and it's not cheap to raise awareness for your company and product.  Social media can be a solution to this problem, though.  By leveraging these networks and finding ideal places to advertise and place content, you can effectively grow your business without breaking the bank.  In some cases, this can happen at no cost!  LinkedIn, for instance, gives you the ability to network with other professionals and create referral sources that will help you find recurring sources of business.  We give you an overview of this in the video above - if you're interested in learning more, be sure to check out our social media coaching program!
Presentation by Ken Tucker of Changescape Web for the May 2014 St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce Technology Committee.


5 Things to Consider When Advertising on Facebook

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Advertising on Facebook can be a daunting task.  Though this powerful platform gives you the ability to reach up to 4,000 potential customers per dollar spent on advertising, finding the right targeting criteria is not an easy task.  Facebook users are a diverse group, and you want to make sure you’re reaching people who will actually buy your product.  There are many things you should consider when setting up an advertising campaign, but here are some of the biggest:


3 Ways Your Business Can Use LinkedIn

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Social media can be tricky for businesses, but few confuse people more than LinkedIn.  The business-oriented social media network, which is used heavily by executives from large companies, is easy to overlook as a tool for small businesses.  Effective targeting and compelling content can connect you with strong referral sources and influential experts in your field.


What is Social Customer Relationship Management?


Social Customer Relationship Management (sCRM, or Social CRM) has become an important tool for businesses.  Learn what sCRM is in this presentation.

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