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Which is Better for Driving Sales - Email or Social Media?


SEO Copywriting - Why is it so important for Small Businesses?

Developing copy for your website is a challenge for many small business owners.  Too often, the copy that I see on many small business websites consists of a general paragraph followed by bulletpoints.  And the bullet pointed items do not have additional pages to expand upon them.  


Getting Found on Google - Google AdWords or Organic SEO?


I had a client recently ask me what Google AdWords is and why use it instead of just the website.


The Importance of Google+ Local Reviews

Google  Local example result

Google+ Local (formerly known as Google Places) is one of the most important components to an online marketing strategy for small businesses to focus on selling products and services in a specific community (geography).


The Real Skinny on Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

For most small business owners I talk to, the primary reason for developing a website it to improve their ability to be found online – referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).    


4 Reasons St. Louis Businesses Should Consider Using Google AdWords


We all recognize that the way people search for products and services has changed.  For many St. Louis businesses, many of their target customers haven’t used a yellow pages directory in years. 


HootSuite Partner in St. Louis - Changescape Web

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

Changescape Web is proud to announce that we are now a HootSuite Pro Solution Partner.


5 Things You Need to Know about Facebook Timeline For Pages

HubSpot Facebook Page Above the Fold

Don't know if you've heard or not, but Facebook will be moving all business pages to the Timeline format on March 30.  So several things will need to change on your Facebook Fan Page:


Why You Need a Mobile Optimized Website Now

iphone smartphone mobile web browsing

You’ve got a website that looks good, tells your company’s story and appeals to potential customers.  But are they are seeing what you think they’re seeing?  What will they notice if they browse your website on a mobile device?  Your website may be hard to read or it may even look terrible if it’s not optimized for their mobile experience.  On the other hand, a mobile optimized website can put critical information in front of your customers and remove sales barriers.

Mobile Optimized Websites
Mobile optimized websites are explicitly designed to be viewed on portable devices with small displays.  They can also take advantage of contact management and mapping software that may also reside on your customers’ mobile devices.  Your properly set up website can even allow your customers to navigate right to your business location using the GPS features on their phone.  Here are some other good reasons why you should consider upgrading to a mobile-friendly website:

A mobile-ready website says to the world that you are a professional and pay attention to details.  To potential clients with mobile devices, your website says to them that their technology choices are valued, and they will be valued as a customer.  If your competition is not paying attention to this aspect of the market, a mobile site gives you a competitive advantage.  If your competition already has a mobile enabled site you should upgrade your own site to stay competitive.

It’s convenient for potential clients, customers and vendors
Many professionals lug around personal computers, but laptops are a hassle to carry, unpack and boot up.  Many busy people would rather just pull a smart phone out of their pocket to get some quick information or place an order.  The easier you make it for your clients, customers and vendors to browse your website, the more likely it is that they will do business with you.

People that get things done use mobile devices.
Identifying mobile device users can be used as part of your customer pre-qualification process.  They are technologically savvy and are likely to be leaders or be able to influence leaders in purchase decisions. Their embrace of new technology can be an indicator that they will survive in business to become your long term customers.

It’s Easy
Developing a mobile friendly website is not complicated.  Any competent web developer should be able to get your mobile site up and running to show the world your new, upgraded and more professional image.


Top Reasons to use WordPress to Build Your Website

Using WordPress for a Website

Creating engaging content is one of the most important things that any business can do for search engine optimization (SEO).  Businesses that blog have 55% more traffic to their websites than businesses that don't blog.  WordPress is blogging software that builds websites.

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